Our Mission

Exceptional Solutions is a small consulting business focused on you and making your dreams a reality. Exceptional Solutions was created from the need of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses needing a voice, needing an advocate…needing a partner.

Long gone are the days where entrepreneurs do not have access to seasoned professionals due to limited funding or where entrepreneurs lose majority equity in your business. Exceptional Solutions is here to provide an opportunity to all entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses – resources, expert advice, and the ability to take your idea and create a thriving business.

The mission of Exceptional Solutions is to provide partnership to entrepreneurs, businesses, and start-ups who would otherwise not have the opportunity due to limited funding. Exceptional Solutions is here to change the marketplace and pave the way for our clients to make a difference.



Kaylee’s entrepreneurial journey began when she was young. At 8-years-old, she started her first business, a card-making company, after discovering that many of her classmates could not afford the more expensive cards that were available at stores such as Hallmark. The business grew to the point where Kaylee’s entire 3rd-grade class were under her as employees and after 3 years, received an offer to get officially printed and commercialized.

While Kaylee declined the offer, the entrepreneurial spirit in her sparked. Kaylee saw a need in the marketplace that businesses needed a partner for their whole journey, from planning their business to maintaining their business. They also needed someone to help them understand how all that works.

This is where Exceptional Solutions is different. By focusing in on data-driven strategic plans, successful execution on all projects, and helping clients learn, Exceptional Solutions helps clients achieve and live their dreams.

When not working, Kaylee enjoys spending time with her husband and 3, yes 3, fur babies who drive her crazy…in a good way. She loves being outdoors, traveling, and exploring new parts of their new hometown city – Raleigh North Carolina!

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